We welcome you to develop international railway logistics to Kouvola!

Every other year RAILFORUM brings together experts of railway logistics from all over the world. The day is about high-class speeches, fresh aspects, useful contacts and investment possibilities in the field.

Railgate Finland, Kouvola - China Express - was started on November 10th 2017 and opened up new business opportunities to entirely new product groups for which air transport has been too expensive, but maritime transport too slow. The new route creates efficiency and competitive advantage in rail transport. European freight train services from China are overburdened and hampered by a cronich container shortage.

The route is operated by Log-Box (  with Unytrade Oy and Kouvola Cargo Handling.

For building businesses that rely on the backbone of the container train operation, the cities of Kouvola and Xi’an and their development companies, Kouvola Innovation Oy and Xi’an International Trade and Logistics (ITL), have launched "The North Eurasia Growth Platform”.

That is where large Northern European and Chinese manufacturing and trade companies build the most competitive logistic chains between the EU and China by utilizing Kouvola and Xi’an hubs. Both Xi’an and Kouvola are ready to invest and provide practically unlimited space for companies to locate their distribution and supply centers, manufacturing facilities, and connected service and data centers.

The importance of rail transport cooperation is emphasised by the participation of Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of Kazakhstan, at the event in which the contract on enhancing cooperation was signed. In the contract signed on October 16th 2018 in Helsinki, Kazakhstan railways, KTZ Express, Kouvola Innovation Oy and UnyTrade Oy form a cooperation group that promotes the transport of goods between Kazakhstan and the Nordic countries by rail.

Rail transport cooperation is also enhanced with other Nordic countries, first by extending operations to Haparanda and the Port of Narvik, both of which participate in developing connections to China and Kazakhstan. In addition, the parties intend to continue to develop the routes between China and the EU.